The Eid al-Fitr, the Islamic festivity celebrating the end of Ramadan, marks the beginning of the holidays
for many Muslims, as well as the most important shopping season of the year. During a week, most
Muslims will rush to shopping centres and establishments to buy clothes, shoes, cosmetics or jewellery,
as presents for their loved ones.

Spain is a country that receives near two million Muslim tourists every year, and one of the ten most
attractive destinations of the world for this group, according to Mastercard. Muslims’ expenditure
during this holiday has not gone unnoticed for Spanish companies, that consider halal tourism (valued
in 169.000 million dollars) an excellent opportunity to increase their sales.

In this context, and with the purpose of attracting these tourists to its flagship stores in Barcelona, Madrid
and Marbella, and to improve their shopping experience during the celebrations of Eid, Sephora Spain
will launch a campaign to promote their exclusive perfume and cosmetic ranges through a series of
special offers.

Starting next 15 th June, and until 15 th July, Sephora will apply significant discounts in their stores in Madrid,
Marbella and Barcelona. They will range between 15% in Make-up and Skincare products, to 20% in
purchases above 500€ in these products; and a travel-size sample when purchasing perfume products.

Marbella-Sephora P.C. La Cañada (Carretera de Ojén s/n, 29600 Marbella), Madrid-Sephora Flagship
Store (Plaza Puerta del Sol 11, 28013 Madrid) and Barcelona-Sephora Flagship Store Plaça
Catalunya/C.C. El Triangle (Carrer de Pelai 13-39, 08001 Barcelona).

To promote this campaign, Sephora has been assessed by the Halal Institute, to start a series of
marketing activities to promote and raise awareness of this initiative in hotels, tour operators, tourist
information offices, tax refund centres, etc., in the cities of Marbella, Madrid and Barcelona. The
campaign will be carried out in two languages: Arabic and English. International networks will also be

used for dissemination.


The successful perfume shops owned by the group LVMH celebrates its 20 th anniversary in Spain this
year. Besides, the chain has been recently awarded “Retailer of the Year” by the World Retail
Congress 2018. It has more than 900 stores and corners in Europe including 137 in Spain (57 stores and
80 SEPHORA Spaces in El Corte Inglés) and more than 2,300 in the world.

During these 20 years, SEPHORA has maintained its values: freedom, boldness, excellence and
innovation. Sephora Spain celebrates 20 years by removing barriers, rejecting stereotypes and looking
to the future. During this time, the company has received more than a 100 million visits in their stores
has sold more than 90 million units of product, of which 42 million units are SEPHORA’s own brand. But,
above all, it has offered unique beauty experiences provided by its assessors and this is what really
makes happy its customers and remains in their memory year after year.