Próximo Seminario Internacional: Halal & Muslim-Friendly Tourism Workshop

20 septiembre, 2019

Halal & Muslim-Friendly Tourism Workshop

3rd October 2019, Casa Árabe (Madrid)

With the rising numbers of the global Muslim population, businesses around the world have started to pay attention to the needs of that growing and lucrative market segment. The travel sector is no exception to that trend, giving growth to a variety of Muslim Friendly Tourism (MFT) products and services, which include very different aspects, such as food & beverages, accommodation, hospitality and recreational services, meaningful experiences and safe environments. 

MFT products and services are starting to multiply and diversify. New players have entered the MFT market adding to the global supply of MFT products and services especially in the hotels and restaurants area. Additionally, new product offerings have been created recently to accommodate Muslim travellers’ needs including Muslim-friendly cruises, airlines and mobile travel applications. With respect to current marketing trends, the fragmented nature of tourism markets in general has led to a certain level of cooperation between products and service providers at one level and between them and their respective governments at another level, especially in the area of marketing MFT products and services.

This workshop will present the current trends and experiences with a focus on the opportunities for the European Hospitality sector.





The Halal & Muslim-Friendly Tourism market in figures (ETOA)

Mr. Jorge Traver (European Tourism Association)


Main requirements for Tourism stakeholders. HIT MFT Certification.

Ms. Meryeme El Betar (Halal International Tourism)



Coffee break



Experience panel. Moderated by Dr. Barbara Ruiz-Bejarano (Instituto Halal)

Hotel Hesperia Córdoba (Muslim-Friendly certified hotel)

Indonesia’s Umrah+ Tours (Emerging market)

Palacio de Congresos de Córdoba (Event venue)

Royal Embassy of Thailand “Amazing Thailand – Muslim Friendly Destination” (National Halal Plan)


Tasting of Halal-Certified products and networking


Visit to Casa Arabe current exhibition (optional).




Event free of charge
Date: 3rd October 2019
Venue: Casa Árabe. Calle de Alcalá, 62, 28009 Madrid.
Event contact person: Barbara Ruiz-Bejarano. Instituto Halal. T.+34.666.555.014

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