Among the requirements for health care facilities such as hospitals and medical clinics who wish to identify their services with the Halal Guarantee Mark of Junta Islamica provided by the Halal Institute we highlighted:

  • Identify the spaces and rooms that comply with Halal standards.
  • The food provided in the room of hospitalization must be Halal.
  • Accessibility in the hospital to a prayer room and a lavatory suitable for ablutions.


In the case of pharmaceutical industry, some of the conditions required to be Halal products are:

  • The Pharmacy products, hygiene, child care, beauty products and industrial hygiene products will be produced using Halal raw materials.
  • The production can be performed manually, industrial or artificially, provided they do not contain any prohibited material.
  • All processing steps, storage of raw materials, internal transport, handling and how many steps affecting the production process shall be made so as to ensure that there is no cross contamination with other Haram products and traceability of the process is maintained.
  • The products will have to undergo an DNA analytical detection of Haram elements before its market launch.
  • The packaging shall bear a label, authorized by the Halal Institute, which should be placed in the place of production, before shipment and so as not to allow a second use. They must be clearly identified with the Halal Guarantee Mark of Junta Islamica and a legend on the product with the registration number of the company assigned by the Halal Institute and the Halal consumer helpline number.