It has been an honour and a great occasion to receive the representatives of MUIS (Majlis Ulama Singapura – Ulema Council of Singapore) at the headquarters of Junta Islámica and the Halal Institute in Cordoba last Friday, 17 March 2023.

On their European tour, Mr. Zalman Putra Ahmad Ali (Director of Halal Development), Sharifuddin Mohamed Ali (Head of Halal Supply Chain) and Muhd Nasrul Ibrahim (Deputy Director of Halal Certification) made a brief stopover in Seville and Cordoba to learn more about our organisation, its history, structure and functioning.

During their stop in Seville, they had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Agro Sevilla, a company certified by the Halal Institute.

Visit of the MUIS delegation together with colleagues fromInstituto Halal to the facilities of Agro Sevilla.

Throughout their visit, they were particularly interested in the certification scheme implemented and the set of initiatives and developments launched in the halal area, as well as in projects and activities carried out in the religious, social and cultural context of Islam in Spain.

The members of the Asian delegation shared their experience and vision of the reality of Islam and the Muslim community in Singapore and commented on the situation and characteristics of the halal market and industry in their country.

During the meeting, the willingness of the parties to continue collaborating and strengthening cooperation and exchange in different areas that are of interest both for the entities themselves and for their respective countries and communities was made clear.