The competent Saudi Authority, the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), has mandated through its circular 10301/A that importers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comply with the provisions and regulations set forth by the SFDA Halal Center.

Original letter issued by SFDA: HERE

Validation and authorization by the Halal Center are required for all products intended for the Saudi market before their entry into the country. This necessitates obtaining a batch-wise Halal certificate, also known as the Halal Shipment Certificate. Starting from November 2023, acquisition of these certificates is mandatory for various product categories, including lawful animal meats, meat products, processed meats, animal-derived derivatives, products containing meat, meat extracts or derivatives, composite products, and any items labeled as halal.

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These certificates must be issued by recognized and SFDA-approved halal certification entities, therefore, they should appear on the official list, directly accessible on their website. Instituto Halal is among these recognized entities by the SFDA. Furthermore, as stipulated in the mentioned circular, mandatory fees have been established for issuing each batch certificate, varying based on the product category and exported merchandise volume. For additional inquiries or clarifications, we remain available via email at or by phone at 957 63 40 71.