• Regulation of the Halal market, in order to facilitate the Muslim community and the general population the access to halal food, products and services.
  • Standarization of the Halal Market, through the development and preparation of regulatory mechanisms drawn up taking into account the views of all concerned groups and associations, such as consumers, producers and retailers.
  • Certification, control and supervision, of industries, companies and collectives who wish to offer their products and services to Muslim consumers. Or other groups of consumers, who due to a similar code of ethics are interested in these kinds of services and products.
  • Developing business and initiatives aimed to promoting the Halal Industry in and out of Spain.
  • Training and formation, of the diverse peoples and organizations involved in the different Halal food production process, products and services.

Our team has qualified professionals including Halal technical auditors, veterinarians, Sharia experts and food technologist, experienced in Halal audit & certification work according to the Halal Institute standards for food safety & Sharia, also compliant with OIC Halal standards.