Instituto Halal is pleased to announce that it has successfully passed the audit process carried out by the Halal Accreditation Agency of Turkey – the Halal Accreditation Agency of Turkey – HAK – under the OIC/SMIIC standard.

This recognition is an endorsement of our commitment and quality in the halal certification process, allowing us to certify companies that want to export their products to Turkey.

You can check this information on the official HAK website: Instituto Halal accreditaded by HAK

In this way we comply with the “Regulation on the Importation of Products with Halal Certificate of Conformity” which is in force since 01/06/2023, and controlled effectively since 01/01/2024. This regulation established the control of products exported to the country with any reference to the sign, mark, halal seal, official halal seal or any halal phrase.

Turkey occupies a privileged strategic position between Europe and Asia, and has a majority Muslim population of around 85 million people, representing approximately 99% of its total population. This halal market has great potential, not only because of its large consumer base, but also because of recent government policies designed to encourage the growth and expansion of the halal industry in the country

In addition, Turkey stands out as one of the main benchmarks within the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries, ranking seventh according to the 2022 Global Islamic Economy Index.





In this way, our recent accreditation further strengthens our national and international positioning, allowing us to offer a comprehensive halal certification service that covers all possible scenarios, enabling our certified companies to export without any barriers.


Join the more than 500 companies that export their products worldwide with Insttuto Halal through our Junta Islámica Halal Guarantee Mark.