The Islamic Board of Spain condemns violence, wherever it happens

Madrid, 23rd March 2017. The Islamic Board of Spain strongly condemns the terror attacks yesterday in London and wishes to express their support to the victims and British society.

Terror attacks represent a global threat affecting all citizens in the world who believe in freedom, respect, coexistence of religions and human rights. Islamic Board of Spain, therefore, strongly condemns these acts, wherever the happen.

We also want to insist that terrorists who kill human beings have no connection with Islam.

Islamic Board of Spain condemns violence, in any place hit by it, such as London, Bagdad, Damascus or Paris. All of us are victims of terrorist violence. 90% of the victims of terrorism are Muslim, killed by almost daily attacks in their countries.

We would like to call to an end of violence, to avoid the suffering of so many human beings, physical, psychological and moral damage, the promotion of islamophobia and xenophobia, and the political message lying under the attacks, which feed the populist discourse of extreme right movements in Europe.

Together, we would like to show our support to the citizens of the United Kingdom, and particularly of London, in this sad hour, as well as all the citizens who suffer the plague of terrorism in the world.