MIHAS 2017 3

The 14th edition of the Malaysia International Halal Showcase closed its doors on 8 April having been a great success in terms of visits, becoming the essential event for the Halal market in Malaysia and the largest exhibition of Halal products in Asia.

MIHAS 2017 was attended by 580 companies from 33 countries. The products showcased were divided into four sections: food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, e-commerce and services. Halal defines the set of practices, goods and services suitable for Muslims.

The Halal Institute accompanied five Spanish companies holding the Halal Certificate so that they could showcase their products to a potential Malaysian market of over thirty million people, of which over 60% are Muslims.

In February the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development, JAKIM, once again showed its trust in the Halal Institute and renewed our official accreditation. This news was eagerly awaited by the 250 companies that currently have accreditation from the Halal Institute and will allow them to make progress commercially in this country.

MIHAS has been the first opportunity for exploration and brands such as Productos Gamito, Cárnicas Aquilino, Lacasa, Fini and Campo Rico were keen not to miss out. For four days they showcased their products and discussed commercial leads with distributors and importers from Malaysia, thanks to the representation and support of the Halal Institute.

Fini+Lacasa Cárnicas Aquilino CampoRico