Productos de Moralejo Selección.

Moralejo Selección products.

The company Moralejo Selección, based in Zamora (Spain), has become a reference in the ovine market, thanks to their meat products especially manufactured for the Halal market.

The company started as a modest butcher’s in Zamora in the 60s, which today slaughters 450.000 sheep a year, with a 20% annual growth and a 30M€ turnover.

Moralejo Selección is halal-certified by Instituto Halal to distribute in the Muslim world, so it uses no additives from pork sources. The animals must be slaughtered following the Islamic ritual, by Muslim slaughter men, trained and authorised by Instituto Halal. It is also the only slaughterhouse in Spain which produces Kosher meat, intended for the Jewish community.

Currently, Moralejo Selección distributes their products in all Spain and exports to 30 countries. Their products can be found in France, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands and Sweden. It has consolidated its expansion in the North of Africa, the Middle East and the Southeast of Asia.

Instituto Halal has distinguished Moralejo Selección (Zamora) with the award Maryam Al Astrolabya for Innovation, to reward their development based on the Halal concept. The company has a long tradition of three generations and their bet for innovation and continuous improvement has made them a reference company in the ovine market, thanks to their meat product line manufactured for the Halal market.

In last edition of Alimentaria Trade Fair, Moralejo Selección won the Innoval award in the “Meat and meat-products” category, for their revolutionary concept of the “easy roast”. The range of products presented, to be roasted in half the time, was presented. The products are fresh lamb meat which are already seasoned and vacuum-sealed, ready to be put to the oven. Their characteristics and the ease of preparation drew a lot of interest, as this range represents a new way of offering a high-quality home-baked tender and crunchy baby lamb.