In the next few months the Halal Institute plans to open what will be its first overseas office. In keeping with its commitment to internationalisation, the chosen location is Mexico City.

Tomás Guerrero, director of the Madrid Office and International Relations, explained that the opening of the new office is part of a strategy implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Food (SAGARPA) of the Mexican Government, in order to diversify Mexican agri-food exports into Muslim-majority countries.

«The Halal Institute has, with commitment, enthusiasm and determination, signed up to the future strategy implemented by SAGARPA, “México Calidad Suprema» (Mexico Supreme Quality) and ProMéxico, certifying companies from the agri-food sector and providing them with the knowledge and contacts necessary to successfully enter this world of opportunities», said the director of the Madrid Office.

The priority for the future office is «to develop this work from that location with a team of Mexican Muslim auditors», who will have to be provided with specialised training on international Halal requirements.

In January, Tomás Guerrero participated in the delivery of Halal certificates to 10 Mexican companies, out of the 120 that are expected to be given this year.