The terrorist barbarity of those who wish to destroy our coexistence has once again taken the lives of the innocent. On Saturday evening, three killers ran over people on London Bridge then stabbed people in the nearby gastronomic Borough Market when the only thing they were doing was enjoying some well-deserved leisure time. There is nothing that can justify this new crime that saddens and angers us, as do those that took place just weeks ago in Manchester and Westminster.

As do those seen in Kabul, Baghdad, Manila and other countries across the world.

The Islamic Board of Spain and the Halal Institute utterly condemn these despicable terrorist attacks and state and reiterate the fury, impotence and bewilderment we feel in the face of such senseless violence.

Once again, we would like to say that these acts do not represent any faith or religious struggle. They are vile murders by fanatics who are only seeking to break the coexistence and understanding in our society, generating fear and exclusion. They reinforce the ideology of those who want to build their dreams through the denial of others and provide arguments for those who believe that the solution is to divide us, to erect walls and barbed wire fences against this common enemy who sometimes lives among us.

We want to express our condolences and solidarity with the families of the victims, their friends, British society, its government and all good people across the planet. The fight against those responsible for this new massacre must be shared by all those who believe in freedom, democracy, justice, human rights, coexistence, respect for diversity and the search for peace.