Cordoba Mosque.

Think & Trip is a company located in Madrid, with offices in Spain and United Arab Emirates. Since 2014 it specializes in Muslim touristic services, considering the Halal Lifestyle perspective. It is the only halal-certified touristic company offering 360º experiences for Muslim tourists, covering all the needs of the visitors from their arrival in Spain, and guaranteeing a halal framework during all their stay.

The company has two main work areas. On the one hand, the design of Halal experiences for Muslim customers from all the globe, mainly those from the Middle East and Asia Pacific. On the other hand, it works with the embassies of Islamic countries in all the world, in order to organize special trips, for royal houses, delegations, events, etc. Think & Trip has created a new concept of travelling for the Muslim tourist, where all the experience is arranged around their needs, habits, schedule, etc.

The experience in Spain is built around 3 cities which represent the Andalusian Legacy: Seville, Granada and Cordoba. There are also other destinations, such as Madrid and Barcelona, representing the centres of technology, drive and creativity in our country. These five destinations offer the visitor all kinds of activities related to culture, adventure, beauty, relax, dining out, shopping, sports…

The company states that those services related to beauty and aesthetics are the most popular within the Halal Lifestyle framework. As for events and services for embassies, the added value for customers is the global solution offered by the company.

Think & Trip considers that halal certification is essential for their business line, especially to have an internationally recognized certification, such as the one by Instituto Halal, with whom they have attended a number of events and seminars. Besides, their staff have received training with the training centre of Instituto Halal, Escuela Halal.

According to the forecast trends for the halal economy, the company expects an increase of this market towards Spain. It is necessary to prepare Spain in order to meet the requirements of this kind of customers, such as halal hotels, restaurants, beauty parlours, shopping centres, etc.

Think & Trip has won a tender by the Ministry of Energy and Tourism in order to develop all these experiences within the halal framework. It cooperates with the Tourism Authorities of Cordoba, Seville and Granada, and the cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

It’s also a member of Halal International Tourism, an initiative co-sponsored by Instituto Halal and Innova Tax Free Group launched in 2015 to provide information on the Halal Touristic Offer in Spain, facilitate the tourism operators (companies, institutions, etc) to get the knowledge required to implement the opportunities posed by halal tourism, and develop commercial activities intended to promote halal tourism within and outside Spain.