Malaysia renews the accreditation of the Halal Institute as a recognized International Halal Accreditation Body

The Department for Islamic Development of Malaysia, JAKIM, renews its recognition of Instituto Halal to supervise the fulfilment of halal requirements.

Malaysia has renewed the recognition of the Halal Institute as an International Halal Accreditation Body, and it becomes thus the only halal certification body in Spain which has this recognition. The renewal procedure was conducted by the accreditation body of Malaysia, JAKIM, which once more trusted the professionalism, efficiency and commitment of the Institute to ensure compliance with halal requirements of exports bound to the Asian country.

The recognition was awarded in a dedicated ceremony held in Putrajaya, Malaysia, in an event presided by YB Mejar Jeneral Dato´ Seri Jamil Khir bin Hj. Baharom, Minister of Islamic Affairs in the Prime Minister’s Department. He delivered the recognition to Mr. Muhammad Escudero Uribe, head of Certification of the Halal Institute.

“This achievement represents a relationship of cooperation and commitment between the Halal Institute and the Halal Division of JAKIM, aimed at the strict application of the halal standards and regulations of the Asian country, and at a regular exchange of information about the industry and the halal trade flow between both countries”, stated Mr. Escudero, who also remarked on the support of the Spanish institutions, particularly the General Sub-directorate of Food products of the Ministry of Economy, and particularly the OFCOME in Malaysia.
This country in Southeast Asia boasts more than 30 million people, more than 60% of whom are Muslims, according to the latest census. With the inclusion of the Halal Institute in the official list of Halal Certification bodies, which includes 63 other organizations in all the world, “the 250 companies already accredited by the Halal Institute, which were looking forward to these news, can move forward in their trade with importers and distributors in Malaysia”, explained the head of Certification of the Halal Institute.

According to Mr. Tomás Guerrero, head of the Madrid Office and International Relations of the Halal Institute, “renewing the accreditation by JAKIM, one of the most demanding and prestigious in the world, will enable Spanish companies to export their Halal products to Malaysia”, with the economic impact implied.

“Halal” defined the set of practices, goods and services suitable for Muslims, and halal certification is a proof of trust. Therefore, granting this certification to industries and establishments is carried out according to a regulatory scheme and a reference halal standard, according to which the products and services are subject of audits, supervisions, analyses, and other control and surveillance procedures. The key element of the Halal Certification granted by the Halal Institute is that it is governed by a protected quality brand, the use and application of which is object of strict and regular evaluations, under the Spanish law of Patents and Trademarks.

The Halal Institute is at the moment expanding in international presence and prestige. After the agreement signed with the Mexican government last week, which includes the certification of 120 Mexican companies in 2017, as well as the opening of a local office, the leading halal certification body in Spain adds Malaysia to the group of Asian countries where the Halal Guarantee Mark is recognized. “This recognition by the highest Islamic authority in Malaysia took years to achieve, and it adds to the set of recognitions that the Halal Institute already has in other Muslim-majority countries, so that it adds more impact to our Mark”, added Mr. Escudero, head of Certification of the Halal Institute.