Indiscriminate barbarism was displayed on Monday night targeting innocent young people from the city of Manchester who had come to enjoy a concert of the singer Ariana Grande. How can this and many other acts be understood or justified? Acts which unfortunately occupy our minds and sadden us almost every day, regardless of where they occur?

In the Islamic Junta of Spain and the Halal Institute, the feeling we have is of rage, impotence and perplexity towards the senseless violence. We will not tire of re-iterating that this does not respond to any religious struggle, but these acts are only done to break the coexistence, feed fear, exclusion and self-exclusion. They reinforce the ideals of those who construct their reality by denying the other; Justify those who consider that borders, walls and barbed wire are the best remedy to defend against an enemy that, most of the time, is between us.

The fight against this enemy must be for everyone who believes in freedom, justice, human rights, the principle of coexistence, respect for diversity and work for peace. These are values that constitute the backbone of any democratic society.

Our condolences for the indiscriminate murder of these young people, our solidarity with the pain of their families, friends and with the British society, with its government and with all the good people of the planet. Unfortunately, we are all in mourning again today.