Benefits of Halal certification 


The benefits of Halal certification are innumerable. Being Halal certified opens up a new world of business opportunities for a growing segment of the population, with specific and stringent needs to be met in all areas of consumption.

Halal demand is growing worldwide:

  • Access 57 emerging countries and over 1.9 billion potential customers globally, 44 million of them in Europe.
  • Enter a market valued at more than $3.6 trillion.
  • Access more than 4 million Muslim consumers (between citizens and tourists) in Spain.

  • Overcome barriers to entry in countries where certification is mandatory in order to introduce and market products and services.

  • Obtain a guarantee brand that is reputed and recognised worldwide by the Muslim population.

  • To have a certificate backed by the international accreditations of Muslim-majority countries.

  • To generate trust among consumers, facilitating their loyalty.

  • Differentiate yourself from the competition, positioning yourself as a Muslim-Friendly company or entity.

  • Access an alternative source of financing (Islamic banking) and become (in the eyes of Islamic investment funds) a Shariah-Compliant asset.

  • Add value to the product. Guarantee of Quality, Health and Sustainability.