Halal Institute Scheme is a product as well as process certification, confirming traceability of complete food chain, from Farm to Fork. It does not only cover ingredient verification but also includes process verification of manufacturing, hygiene, handling, packaging materials, packing, storage, transportation and distribution.

The Halal Guarantee Mark is a Quality Mark registered by Islamic Board in the Spanish Office of Patents and Marks, with number M 24667900, and date 15th August 2003. The register and maintenance of a Guarantee Mark implies that the owner is responsible for the control of the Mark, for issuing a Regulation of Use, previously supervised by the competent authorities. In this case, the Halal Guarantee Mark is exclusively managed by Instituto Halal. Halal certification is a trust tool, and therefore its use by industries and companies must be regulated under a reference scheme, where the companies and their products undergo audits, supervisions, analyses and other mechanisms of surveillance and control. The key of the Halal Certification granted by Instituto Halal is that this is regulated as a protected quality guarantee mark, the use and application of which must be submitted to constant rigorous controls, under the Law of Patents and Marks.

Certified Enterprises