Last week, a delegation from MUI – Majelis Ulama Indonesia – visited Cordoba, meeting with representatives of Junta Islámica and Instituto Halal.

This meeting marked a significant moment for intercultural dialogue and cooperation, having discussed initiatives such as education, halal certification and continued support for the Muslim community in the face of secularism and Islamophobia.

MUI – Majelis Ulama Indonesia – is the Indonesian government institution in charge of deliberating on all Islamic religious issues concerning the country.



The various representatives of Junta Islámica highlighted the value of the projects they have been carrying out, as well as their programmes that mix spirituality, modernity and humanism, focused on strengthening democracy and coexistence. In addition, emphasis was placed on the efforts of Instituto Halal to promote halal standards in Spain and the assurance of all the controls in the halal audit process.

For his part, MUI Secretary General Dr. Amirsyah Tambunan emphasised his willingness to provide wider support related to the promotion of halal trends in Spain and other European countries.

Gracias al MUI y a todos los representantes reunidos en este encuentro por su visita y apoyo.