Instituto Halal is pleased to announce that, after successfully passing the audit process carried out by the Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA), our accreditation for export to Saudi Arabia has been renewed.

This accreditation gives the ability to Instituto Halal to certify companies aspiring to export their products to Saudi Arabia, adding this country once again to the extensive list of our more than 500 clients operating around the world.

Saudi Arabia, with its thriving economy and global market position, presents itself as a strategically important export destination. As the most populous region in the Middle East and the world’s 20th largest economy, the country offers significant opportunities for companies looking to expand their international presence.

Obtaining this accreditation underlines the Halal Institute’s commitment to the highest standards of halal quality and compliance, enabling companies to access this strategic market, ensuring that their products comply with the halal requirements set by the Saudi authorities.

If your company is considering exporting to Saudi Arabia and is seeking halal certification, we invite you to contact us for detailed information on the process.

We are available via email at and by telephone on 957 63 40 71.